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About the Chief Mentor

Pritis-ecademy is being successfully mentored by Ms. Priti Govindaraj, a Montessori trained teacher, further certified with Cambridge teacher training and having 13 years’ experience of teaching children handwriting. She has the ideal experience to deal with challenges any learner would have in this field.

She has authored fourteen books on handwriting improvement apart from handwritten workbooks to help increase learning proficiency. She has several mentorship handwriting improvement program across South India connecting young learners and trained instructors.

This online handwriting improvement program is an additional venture aimed at unlimited participation besides offering students more flexible study options.

It has been established to help anyone and everyone learn the art of good handwriting irrespective of their age. From helping young children develop hand-eye coordination to reinforcing writing skills for older learners, this program will assist students in every stage of enhancing their handwriting skills

Global Impact

Handwriting in Todays World

With the advent of new technologies for communication, the beauty of handwritten letters and penmanship has unfortunately somewhat faded. However, experts believe that both cursive and print writing are important skills to be taught to children. To make it easier, the learning should be integrated into educational activities. Handwriting plays a constitutive role in learning and cognitive development and the rise of digital technology (like keyboarding and texting) should not be the reason for its decline.

Importance of Handwriting

Have you heard the saying “”Use the Right Tool for the Right Job in the Right way””. This applies in many areas of life and handwriting as well. There is virtually no area of life that does not involve writing at some time or other. Whether it is during education, employment, or simply routine life situations, handwriting plays a significant role. We handwrite all our important messages and it is important that we use the right tools- a good pen or pencil and suitable handwriting skills to ensure our written work is truly noteworthy.

Global Importance
Benefits of Handwriting

The early years of a child’s life is a prime time for learning and writing by hand strengthens the learning process. Honing motor skills, increasing brain development and cognition, ability to express and generate ideas etc. these are just some of the benefits that comes with learning to handwrite at an early age. And in the later years of education, handwriting own notes besides being more productive, supports better memory retention and the ability to strongly grasp and retain new concepts. So, let us learn to make the most of this art and encourage children to take the first step in their journey towards improving handwriting.

Handwriting Practice Importance

Handwriting contributes to compositional fluency in all the educational activities that involve writing. To write legibly, quickly, and confidently is a skill that aids a student’s educational progress ensuring stronger academic achievement and self-image. However, it is an applied learning process and needs adequate instruction and practice.

So, every once in a while let us encourage students to take their pen to paper, focus on how to write, maybe practice constructing letters, words, sentences, etc. and add more personality, or professionalism to their handwriting. Every second invested to the practice of this art is sure to pay off in the long run.