Getting started with Handwriting Courses (Pre-test)

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                                          Getting started with Handwriting Courses (Pre-test)

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Taking the first step in your journey towards improving handwriting!

Aim for speed as well as legibility…

The below steps show how to access purchased handwriting course and attend Pre-test.                      


1. Start by logging in with your registered user name and password.



2. As soon as you log in, you will be shown the Dashboard with Pre-Test enabled.



3. First download the Pre-Test by selecting .



The pre-test gets downloaded in the default download directory in the form of PDF (pretest.pdf).


9.Take a print out.



   Write the Date and Time and complete the pre-test using a good writing pen.

   Scan your written work or take a photo.

   Assign a meaningful name to the image file and take care that the file extension is of type png, jpg or pdf.


10. Upload your file by selecting .



10. Select Choose Files



11. Browse and select file for upload.



12. Click on .