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                                                 About Lessons & Assignments 

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Practice makes the difference between good and awesome!

Key Concepts


Each course is divided into modules which are further divided into lessons.

Each lesson has assignments to evaluate progress at every stage.

E-Learning videos can be viewed to learn how to work with the handwriting resources provided.  

Individual discussion spaces allow students to post queries to Instructors.

Instructors will provide further guidance and insight by posting clarifications.




1. After attending Pre-test and uploading it, the first lesson in the first module gets enabled as shown below.




2. Click on which appears as you hover over the course image.



3. Below screen appears.



4. If you have already completed Pre-Test, Click MODULE 1.



4. Click LESSON 1.



5. Click the Play button and view the training video corresponding to the lesson carefully.



3. Next, select and save the assignment file in desired folder.

   The assignment gets downloaded in your default download location in the form of PDF.



4. Take a print out and complete the assignment using a good writing pen.


5. Scan your written assignment or take a photo.


6. Assign a meaningful name to the image file (corresponding to module and lesson).  


7. Take care that the file extension is of type png, jpg or pdf.


8. If you need any clarification, click on to invoke the discussion space.

    Type your message in the text box.

    Use to add another query.



9. Upload the assignment by selecting .

    Ensure that the number of uploaded images is same as the number of pages in the assignment.

    Also enter the time it took to complete the assignment(hours and minutes).



10. Click on.

11. The status of upload is indicated (File uploaded Successfully message).