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                                                About Pritis e-cademy

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                            Its all about your handwriting. We make sure its impressive!





Priti’s e-cademy: What makes it Special?

Courses that suit individual learning level and requirements

At Priti’s e-cademy, handwriting training courses are personalized to suit learners of different age groups and handwriting style.


Learners easily grasp the fundamentals when nurtured by pros

Priti’s e-cademy has a team of handwriting experts managed by a chief mentor with over 13 years of hands-on experience, a passion for teaching and making a difference to the art of penmanship.


It’s easy to get started!

oJust Register and Purchase Course

oDownload and take a print out of the assignment worksheet.

oComplete the assignment carefully as shown in training video.

oUpload assignment for evaluation by trained instructors.



Collaborative learning environment

At Priti’s e-cademy your learning process is accelerated by one-to-one discussions with specially trained Instructors at every stage.


Feel free to learn at your ease and convenience

Handwriting courses are available both as web and mobile app. Mobile app makes learning as easy as using Google Plus, WhatsApp, etc. With access to eLearning videos and online tutors ready to help you 24/7, learning can happen any time of the day.


Certificate of achievement

On successful completion of course, get recognition for all your excellent efforts.        


Join us now to avail a life-changing experience! By learning to write legibly, quickly, and confidently you achieve a key life skill needed to succeed in education, employment, and daily life.